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CSCF IRC Network - now up and running again!

Come and say hi at CSCF's IRC network.
Usually active around termtime, its a great way to chat to other ComSc students at Cardiff. We usually hang out at #cscf. To connect simply aim your IRC client (Mac|Linux|Windows) at:

The VPS Wiki

The VPS wiki is hosted by @JosephRedfern. It is a collection of guides and resources written by Cardiff students ranging from setting up your own VPS, to basic SSH commands.

Cardiff Computer Club

Cardiff Computer Club is a weekly meetup of Computer Science students from all years, often there are some interesting ongoing projects for you to checkout, including Arduino projects, games programming, server clustering and more.


A non university event, however many students do attend, UnifiedDiff is a monthly meetup of software devs including interesting talks and copius amounts of memory fragmentation. Definately one for the diary.

ComScI Society

Cardiff University's Computer Science & Informatics Society puts on social events for students studying in Cardiff University School of Computer Science & Informatics, ranging from fund-raising and socials to football matches and trips out.

Student Blogs & Websites

If you would like your blog or website included here, please fork & push the changes yourself, or create an issue here with your blog or website URL and someone will add it for you.

Henry Hoggard website & blog
Joseph Redfern website & blog
George Sale website | blog
Walter Carvalho website & blog
Jay Rainey website & blog
Elliot Howells website
Dave Harrison website

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