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CSCF MakeSpace - 8-9th February 2014


Computer Science Cardiff (CSCf) is a portal to all things happening in the Computer Science community at Cardiff. It's run by students in Cardiff School of Computer Science and Informatics but students from other academic schools and different Universities are welcome, too!

In March 2012 we brought you The OpenSauce Hackathon
In April 2013 we hosted The 2nd Annual CSCf Hackathon
More coming soon!


Future Events
CSCF MakeSpace

Past Events
Witlr Hackathon 2013
The 2nd Annual CSCf Hackathon
The CSCf HackParty
The OpenSauce Hackathon

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Why GitHub?

We're only at university for 3 or 4 years. By using GitHub, this website can be updated and used by new students, even after the original admins of this site are long gone! GitHub also provides a free and reliable platform for hosting this website